1. Tag – Wednesday – 7th January 2015

?? Arrival of the peers and the ASIIN procedure manager

12:00 Preliminary Meeting of Peers

16:30 Meeting with Programme Coordinators and Representatives of the Rectorate of the University

Issues: Further development of the university; position of the programs in the context of the university; profile of the programs and perspectives of further development as viewed by the rectorate

Studies and teaching at the participating institutions; staff (currently and planned devel-opment); cooperations; perspectives of further development; equipment; communication and coordination; organization of studies and management of teaching; quality assurance

18:00 Visitation of Participating Institutes and Laboratories / Further Discussion

This item should include the option of further discussions with representatives of the participating institutes, the rectorate and the administration to address open questions and ask for additional information.

19:00 End of first day

2. Tag – Thursday – 07.01.2015 (Date needs to be confirmed)

08:30 Meeting with Program Coordinators

Issues: Educational goals; curriculum; course of studies; contents and methods of teach-ing; counseling and support for students; organization of exams; study results; relevance for the labor market

10:30 Break, internal discussion

10:45 Meeting with Students from different years, students organizations (if applicable9

Issues: Educational goals and study program; contents of study; organization of study; exams; counseling and support for students; conditions of study; study abroad

12:00 Lunch, internal discussion

12:45 Inspection of module, exams, theses and final exams

13:30 Meeting with Teaching Staff

Issues: Curriculum; course of studies; contents and methods of teaching; counseling and support for students; further qualification of professors and other teaching staff

15:00 Final internal discussions of the peers

16:30 Final Meeting with Program Coordinators and Representatives of the Rectorate

Issues: Summary of the impressions of the peer group; opportunity for final explanations by the HEI in case of unclear matters

17:00 End of the on-site visit